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Data Centres Capabilities

Within the Data Centre sector, JLW provides full civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and firefighting contracting services delivered by an experienced in-house team of professional engineers, construction and commissioning teams.

JLW have experience and capability in successfully delivering hyperscale, colocation and enterprise data centre projects, and is currently working with one of the largest global hyperscale clients as well as one of the world’s leading colocation providers.

We deliver real value, quality, and speed of construction through our off-site manufacturing techniques and digital construction expertise, which prioritises efficiency and enables seamless coordination across all aspects of construction. We prefabricated 70% of first and second fix MEP distribution systems on our data centre projects which allows us achieve fast delivery and early handovers. Some examples where we deploy off-site fabrication for data centres include:

Why and MEP based Main Contractor for Data Centres?

A data centre is a primarily an MEP project where the civil, structural and architectural components house the MEP equipment and is relatively straightforward. Most civil General Contractors are not MEP experts and normally subcontract all the MEP works.

There is a substantial time advantage in engaging the MEP Contractor as the Main Contractor as the program can be driven by MEP; long lead, milestones …etc.  Data centres are predominantly MEP driven projects, with MEP driven schedules, where civil components serve MEP. Time is saved by maximizing integration of modular systems into the design by early engagement.

Having an MEP based Main Contractor also allows for real potential in CAPEX efficiencies and reduced cost in the construction. This is realized by reducing construction cost mark-ups on the MEP components.

Selected Projects


60 MW Data Centre


15 MW Data Centre


7.8 MW Data Centre


Standard Chartered Bank UAE Headquarters

Dubai, UAE