Energy & Sustainability

James L. Williams Middle East

Energy & Sustainability Capabilities

JLW acknowledges a responsibility to the environment, and we express our commitment towards implementing practices which will promote environmental sustainability.

The company will consistently strive to raise awareness in the community, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters.

Sustainability Strategy

JLW are corporate members of the Emirates Green Building Council (EGBC). JLW Engineering teams utilize the EGBC Technical Guidelines alongside project specifications and legislative requirements (ADM/DM/Estidama/Al Sa’fat etc.) during the engineering design process. (See below JLW EGBC Corporate Member Certificate)

JLW  have  qualified  LEED  Engineers  based  within  the  organisation  who  can  deliver  the  required  MEP sustainability credits to meet client requirements.

JLW have experienced ESTIDAMA Engineers based within the organisation with the capabilities to deliver MEP projects to meet the requirements of the client.  

Specifically, JLW will:

  • Continue to develop our products and services ensuring they are designed to enhance the sustainability initiatives of our customers.
  • Partner with our suppliers to operate sustainably, reduce waste.
  • Continue to provide the healthiest workspaces possible for our employees through sustainable renovations, construction, operations, and certification whenever possible.

Emirates Green Building Certificate

Sustainability Experience

With ever growing environmental awareness, rationalization of resources, and rising energy demand, the need to deliver sustainable buildings has become a high priority amongst all participants in the Construction Industry.

Established in 1875, James L Williams (JLW) is Australia’s most experienced services contractor. JLW Middle East operations commenced in 2008 and has since become a leading MEP solution provider to the sustainable built environment. JLW expertise lies in the design, engineering, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of all MEP disciplines.

JLW have delivered some notable sustainably certified projects including:

PIXEL building, Melbourne which has achieved LEED Platinum certification achieving 105 points out of 110 points. At the time of project delivery, Pixel achieved the highest LEED certification achieved by any building throughout the world.

STANDARD CHARTERED BANK HQ, Dubai, which has achieved LEED Gold certification for the base Build and LEED Platinum certification for the fit-out in 2013.

MASDAR HEADQUARTERS, Abu Dhabi, which has achieved UPC Estidama Pearl 4 certification, equivalent to LEED Platinum in 2014.

ONE JLT, Dubai, which has achieved LEED Gold Certification in 2015.

AL MARYAH MALL, Abu Dhabi, which has achieved ESTIDAMA Pearl 1 Rating in 2019.


MASDAR NEIGHBOURHOOD 2, Abu Dhabi, which has achieved ESTIDAMA Pearl 2 & 3 Rating in 2019.

JLW are committed to ensuring a sustainable future by adapting policies and procedures to deliver sustainable products and services. As a proud member of the Emirates Green Building Council, JLW will continue to pursue environmental and sustainable innovations, best working practices and latest technologies.

Sustainability Initiatives

JLW have the following initiatives in place throughout our projects/offices:

  • Reduction in paper use by double use of paper
  • Recycle all waste paper (JLW use Info fort Greenbox company for all our waste paper recycling. Info fort generate a report of the positive “sustainable” impacts we have on the environment from our paper recycling. Info fort Green box Environmental Impact Statement attached)
  • Refill all used printer cartridges
  • Switch off all lights when not in use (Stickers above all light switches)
  • Shutdown of computers and electronic equipment at end of work shifts
  • Encouragement of conference calls and instant messaging in place of travelling to and from project sites and offices – Reduction in fuel use/costs.
  • Training and awareness; all JLW employees are given environmental awareness briefing.
  • JLW provides update in environmental awareness and sustainable practices.