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4D Simulation 

JLW utilised 4D simulation to precisely simulate each-and-every MEP activity within very congested plant rooms and specific areas where such levels of planning are required.

Our 4D construction simulation models enhance the collaboration between project teams and clients; ultimately providing clear project milestones and improved construction plans.

We integrate our Revit MEP model with our programme to ensure each MEP element (plant and material) is assigned an activity in the programme. We use Fuzor VCD (Virtual design and Construction) as the integration tool to provide a visual representation of plant and material installation digitally. This assists our construction team understand logistics, number of lifts we require per day, how material is to be stored, location of drop zones and material shifting and sequencing on site.

A good example of this is the level 54 plant room on ICD Brookfield Place.

The plant room was on the critical path so is was vital for the construction team to plan every lift and sequence.

Every MEP element to be installed at level 54 had to be individually numbered and allocated an activity in our programme.

This programme was subsequently linked to the BIM model using Fuzor VDC which allowed us to visualise the movement of all the MEP elements and plant against time.

All this information allowed us to precisely plan our logistics, material deliveries, lifting slots and material/plant movement within the level 54 plant room.