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VR Technology 

VR and the development of virtual environments can shape the understanding of construction project stakeholders and their success in completing their projects.

VR technologies can help improving the effectiveness and efficiency of detailed design, preparation and planning, and construction completion of a project.

We have introduced VR technology into the business in 2017, and utilise the technology to immersed ourselves and our Clients into complicated areas with our models virtually using Virtual Reality (VR) technology goggles. This allows us to walk through and visualize plant rooms and congested spaces in real size, giving us the realization and spatial awareness of the MEP plant, distribution and access provisions provide within JLW’s MEP BIM models.

For Visual Collaboration and Coordination purpose JLW Is using a combination of Hardware and Software to give our client immersive experience and to see through a Digital Environment and conceptualize the events of construction sequencing or activity.

Immersive Visualization for office environment:

For Safety reasons JLW is using Oculus VR for office environment BIM meeting and presentation, this may include Coordination/Collaboration Visual meeting.

Immersive Visualization for actual construction site environment:

For the actual site construction environment JLW prefers the use HoloLens which is perfect for imbedding the Virtual models to the physical world allowing the user to pre visualize or to compare the digital model vs the actual constructed MEP system without needing to use any laser scanning process.