JAMES L WILLIAMS MIDDLE EAST Experts Unveil Strategic Mastery Behind Middle East’s Mega Data Centre


In this exclusive interview, Ramy Boufarhat, the CEO of JLW Middle East, delves into the intricacies of the construction of one of the UAE’s most substantial data centers, a project that showcases the company’s expertise in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) domain. Boufarhat’s insights shed light on the strategic aspects behind this remarkable venture and how JLW Middle East has been instrumental in bringing it to life.

The article underscores the pivotal role that the UAE is playing in the digital transformation landscape. With its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and strong government support, the UAE is emerging as a magnet for data center industry giants. The project at hand is for Khazna Data Centres, a company specializing in constructing technology ecosystems for its customers. These ecosystems provide secure and reliable data center facilities, crucial for organizations seeking digital transformation.

JLW Middle East stands out as a key player in the construction of this data center. The company is renowned for its ability to seamlessly integrate MEP elements into comprehensive Civil-Structure-Architectural (CSA) frameworks. Their innovative approach, which includes offsite MEP prefabrication, has positioned them as leaders in the Middle East data center construction industry.

The project, located in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, is a collaboration between JLW Middle East and McLaren Construction. JLW is leading the MEP work, while McLaren is overseeing the CSA aspects, and their partnership is characterized by a clear division of responsibilities. The project’s magnitude is impressive, spanning 50,000 square meters with a capacity of 63.6MW, making it one of the largest data centers in the region.

The discussion with Ramy Boufarhat highlights JLW’s commitment to delivering this project on time and in adherence to the highest standards. The partnership with McLaren, clear scope delineation, and a focused approach have allowed them to accomplish the project efficiently. Furthermore, Boufarhat expresses JLW’s excitement for the potential phase two, reflecting their ambition to continue their successful collaboration with trusted partners.

The collaborative effort stands out as a key theme in this project. Boufarhat acknowledges the vital role played by all stakeholders, from clients to consultants, in making this project a reality. The involvement of companies like AECOM, Sudlows Consulting, Serex International, BG&E, RED Engineering, AESG, Joule Group, and Core Emirates exemplifies the collective expertise that contributed to this endeavor.

Boufarhat also underscores the project’s precise timeline, highlighting milestones reached at each stage. The project’s commitment to sustainability, including its pursuit of LEED Gold and Estidama Pearl 4 certifications, is a testament to the emphasis on eco-friendly practices and alignment with the UAE’s sustainability goals.

One distinctive aspect of the project is its focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. The project’s approach to sustainability goes beyond just energy consumption reduction. It encompasses water conservation, alternative power sourcing through photovoltaic systems, and efficient cooling techniques. By using adiabatic chillers and high-performance, energy-efficient components, the project has been optimized for operational efficiency and lower environmental impact.

A critical component of the project’s success, Boufarhat points out, is the strong commitment to safety and the well-being of the workforce. The project’s dedication to Health, Safety, and Worker Welfare is evident in its record of 4.5 million safe man-hours. The focus on comprehensive training and initiatives, such as Visual Impact Training (VIT), highlights the commitment to fostering a strong safety culture.

Ramy Boufarhat’s insights reveal the intricate and collaborative journey of constructing one of the UAE’s largest data centers. The project exemplifies the growing significance of the UAE in the digital transformation landscape and the commitment of companies like JLW Middle East to delivering innovative, sustainable, and safe solutions in this evolving industry.

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