JLW Staff

Professional Development

We at JLW, focuses on professional development of our employees based on awareness, values, goal setting, planning within the context of career, education, relationship or for self-improvement.

Our personal, professional development review programs ensure fair and suitable opportunities for those employees with a passion to demonstrate their skills and competence in achieving their objectives and the set KPI.

This has been implemented from the management down to our tradesmen.

We focus on five key methodologies towards employee professional development.

Employee Training

We encourage interactive training programs to provide opportunities for the employees to collaborate and learn with their co-workers

Trainings are also imparted to the key personnel from the Management on selected topics which will affect the Business.

Technical presentations by the supply chain, is another proactive step adopted by JLW to ensure our intellectual resources are in tune with the latest updates in the technology.


We also use coaching as a strategy for employee development.  This method is used to encourage and support behavior that is beneficial to the individual, the team, and the organization. Through Coaching, we help the employees to understand the impact that their behaviour is having on others and why it is important and necessary for them to make a change for the better.

Leadership Mentoring

Mentoring is another method we use, to focus more exclusively on the expertise, experience, and network that mentors can share with their mentees, employees who are often younger and less experienced than the person acting as a mentor.This method is implemented for the middle level employees handling the scope of stores, Time & Attendance, DC & Admin etc.

Professional development strategy for the Tradesmen

For identified gaps, the progress is monitored through well-structured training programs and performance development reviews conducted on a yearly basis by the independent assessment committee. Based on the demonstrated progress, the tradesmen is upgraded to higher grades.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

IMI Hydronics Technical Seminar – July 2019

CIBSE &SoPHETechnical Seminar – March 2019

EUROVENT Middle East Event – January 2019