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Mr. Ramy Boufarhat, Chief Operating Officer of JLW ME, is featured in January 2018 edition of Business Chief Middle East and Construction Global. He shares his views on how the construction company has grown from its initial focus on design-and-build projects to become a leading MEP firm in the Middle East. The digital version of the magazine can be seen in the links below and the interview is covered on page 90 in Business Chief Middle East and on page 98 in Construction Global.

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James L. Williams Middle East: Big Interview – MEP Middle East August 2017 Vol. 12 Issue 08.

Mr. Ramy Boufarhat, Chief Operating Officer of JLW ME, is featured in August 2017 edition of MEP Middle East Magazine (Vol. 12, Issue 08). He shares his views on how his company is meticulous in its design and build approach as well as some of the strategies deployed by the company. The digital version of the magazine can be seen in the PDF and the Big Interview is covered on page 16.

MEP Middle East Magazine - JLW Big Interview.

James L. Williams Middle East in the Media – Emirates Projects Magazine June/July 2017 Issue 95.

This Month’s Edition of Emirates Projects Magazine, June/July 2017 (Issue 95), features JLW ME, specialists in EPC Contracting of Large-Scale Projects and highlights the projects being undertaken currently. Click below to access the full online magazine where the editorial on JLW ME starts on page 60.

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Pixel outperforms the world in environmental HVAC excellence.

James L. Williams, Australia’s most experienced mechanical services contractor, conducted the mechanical installation at Pixel which has just been awarded the world’s highest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating from the US Green Building Council.

Grocon’s Pixel building achieved 105 points out of a possible 110 and has now surpassed all 44,000 buildings in 120 countries that have used the LEED rating system.

Technology new to Australia was installed by James L. Williams, that included a natural gas-fired absorption heat pump chiller specially imported from Europe.

The building, which is carbon neutral, contains an impressive array of sustainable design components including wind turbines, and both fixed and tracking solar panels.

The Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, or the brain that drives all the components, not only controls the operation of the mechanical services systems, but it also controls and monitors such things as the solar panels through to the hydraulic services.

James L. Williams Managing Director Allen Williams said this was a unique and world first installation.

"Prior to Pixel, James L. Williams had installed many of these components on previous buildings, but this installation was unique in that it was the first to install all these components together in the one building, creating a completely new design."

Air conditioning to the building consists of 100 per cent fresh air at a rate of three times the minimum building code requirements.1

An air-to-air heat exchanger located in the air handling unit utilises the toilet exhaust and return air systems to temper the fresh air which is distributed to each level via underfloor plenums that are individually controlled at each work station.

The mechanical services also includes in-slab cooling via zoned piping on each level which is provided from a roof mounted gas fired absorption heat pump chiller.

The chiller uses ammonia as a refrigerant which has no harmful ozone depleting, global warming or legionella emissions.

The gas-fired absorption heat pump chiller can also provide heated water to warm the building via heating coils located within the air handling unit.

Allen Williams said the company is delighted to have been involved with Grocon on yet another iconic building.

This was a key milestone in a long standing working relationship between James L. Williams and Grocon which has spanned more than six decades.

"The experience working on Pixel has been invaluable for all involved; Grocon, Umow Lai and Studio 505. It proved to be a wonderful discovery of the potential in striving for environmental excellence."

This achievement comes at the perfect time for James L. Williams, as the company recently launched a new logo and a sophisticated new look. The new look represents clean energy and James L. Williams’ commitment to continual growth and innovation, while also paying respect to the company’s heritage and traditional values.